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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

La Grange Area League members attend the Wear Orange events at Hadiya Pendleton Park in Chicago

On Saturday, June 2, LWVLGA members attended the Wear Orange event at Hadiya Pendleton Park.

Hadiya's parents established the event to remember the Chicago girl who was fatally shot after returning from President Barack Obama's inauguration. This would have been Hadiya's 21st birthday.

April Meeting Details Carbon Tax as Legislative Approach to Climate Change

On April 24, LWVLGA member Linda Christianson presents material prepared by Citizens Climate Lobby to help viewers understand the current extent of global warming, the environmental, social, and economic benefits of bipartisan legislation that would impose a fee on carbon at the source, how revenue generated by the fees would be redistributed to citizens in a way that favors the lowest-income citizens and could yield economic growth, and the progress already made on moving this idea forward.

Support for Citizens' Climate Lobby's Carbon Fee and Dividend comes from economists, scientists, business leaders, faith leaders, local governments, and editorial boards across the political spectrum. Visit their Web site for more information.

LWVLGA Hosts Annual Legislative Luncheon Discussing the ERA

The League of Women Voters of the LaGrange Area hosted a Legislative Luncheon to discuss the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and the need and strategy to achieve ratification of the ERA in Illinois.

The photo includes some of the ORIGINAL members who went to Springfield to promote passage of the ERA in the 70's. How long do they have to carry this sign before IL ratifies it? They've been holding it for almost 50 years!

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Ever Wonder Who Our Leaders Are?

Many of us have been asking for a listing of elected officials. If you go to our page on Facebook, select TOWN HALL from the sidebar and it will bring up all your representatives based on your address.

If you want a listing of phone numbers, websites, email addresses and mailing addresses for more than 4,000 federal, state, county and local officials elected in Cook County, the Cook County Clerk has just completed the 2017 Directory of Elected Officials (DOEO). Click here to access the DOEO and download a PDF copy of the document.

College of DuPage Observer Report

Your LWV Coalition for College of Dupage observers will be paying close attention to further developments between the faculty and the Board at future meetings. The faculty association does not strike us as a group that will give up easily. Just when things seemed quite peaceful and calm, this controversy about faculty hiring pops up. One can't help but remember that it was a letter from the faculty association to the Board of Trustees in September 2014 about a vote of no confidence in President Breuder which led directly to the election of the Clean Slate candidates in April 2015.

Click here for the current report.

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