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November Program - Cook County Health and Hospitals System

Presentation by Dr. Jay Shannon, CEO of Cook County's Health and Hospitals System (CCHHS)

November 15th, 7 - 8:45pm

The La Grange Area League of Women Voters is delighted to welcome Dr. Jay Shannon back to La Grange to help us all understand the recent developments, 2017 budget, and new strategic plan for our health and hospitals system. Dr. Shannon grew up in La Grange as one of TWELVE children and attended St. Ignatius, as have all three of Dr. Shannon's children.

Dr. Shannon knows our health and hospitals system from the inside: he spent most of his professional career at Stroger Hospital, and before that, at the old Cook County Hospital, where he first joined the medical staff in 1990. Then, from 2007-2012, Dr. Shannon served as Executive Vice President and Chief Medical officer at Parkland Health and Hospital System in Dallas. Since June of 2014, when Dr. Shannon was appointed CEO of our health and hospitals system, we've witnessed enormous changes brought about through the Affordable Care Act, and through the commitment of our CCHHS board and staff to modernize and upgrade our public health services. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about its challenges and opportunities firsthand! Dr. Shannon has promised to save time for your questions.

LaGrange LWV Sponsors Great Decisions Foreign Policy Discussion Group

The LaGrange League of Women Voters is again sponsoring the Foreign Policy Association program Great Decisions. Using materials prepared by the FPA, the group will meet monthly at the Hinsdale Public Library for a video and facilitated discussion of current topics of interest. This year's program includes the following topics:

  • The Future of Europe
  • Trade and Politics
  • Conflict in the South China Sea
  • Saudi Arabia in Transition
  • U.S. Foreign Policy and Petroleum
  • Latin America's Political Pendulum
  • Prospects for Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Nuclear Security

    Attendance is open to all. For more information, please email. And for more information regarding the FPA programs, visit their site.

  • Cook County League Releases New Criminal Justice Report

    Jan Goldberg, long time member of the LaGrange League, has prepared a comprehensive report on the state of criminal justice in Cook County.

    "This report is the culmination of 18 months of research by the above group. We interviewed over 20 major stakeholders in the Cook County Criminal Justice System and professors in the criminal justice field, read countless criminal justice articles, and visited 5 area Bond Courts and the Cook County Jail. We were motivated by the growing numbers of non-violent detainees at the jail who were languishing there due to their inability to post bond. We saw this as a primary civil rights issue. We also were motivated by the report by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts that came up with 40 recommendations for improving justice at the pre-trial level."

    Read a summary of the report here. And download the entire report here.

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